… most knowledgeable realtor in town that I know…

I began looking for a house to buy towards the end of 2009. This being my first house, I had no clue what so ever as to what I was doing or things to look for. Ryan made it easy. He explained every step of the process thoroughly and such that I could understand it. He was patient with me, and sat with me to look through multiple listings while we prepared to go out and look. We visited many different places, showing me a range of what was available. While visiting homes, he explained to me what to look for and helped me compare the differences. He also helped me envision living there and noticing the little things.

When it came time to make an offer, he explained what we needed to do and made suggestions as to the offer and any add-ons. His experience and expertise made this portion a breeze and also made it progress very quickly. He kept in constant contact, and was very prompt to let me know if there were any changes or communication from the seller. And when it came time to close, he made that part a snap as well with the title company by having everything prepared and explaining the process before hand.

In closing, I highly recommend Ryan for any needs or questions regarding real estate. He is the most knowledgeable realtor in town that I know. And I trust his opinion greatly. His years of experience definitely add to his performance. I and my family will continue to use him in the future.

— Happy Home Owner